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Enrollment Agreement, Medical Treatment Authorization and Liability Release

(This Policy also appears on the Enrollment Agreement. Parental signature and acceptance of these terms is required before a child may attend. Online registration implies full acceptance.)

   I/We have read and understand the terms, policies and requirements of attending Appalachian Explorers and understand that signing this agreement confirms compliance. I/We release and hold blameless the employees, volunteers, officers, agents and Board of Directors of Camp Frontier, Inc. from any and all claims of liability or negligence past, present and/or future.

   I/We do hereby acknowledge and agree that participation in Appalachian Explorers activities comes with inherent risk and I have full knowledge and understanding of these risks, including but in no way limited to slips, trips, falls, aquatic injuries, interaction with wildlife, athletic injuries and illness, including exposure to and infection with bacteria and viruses, including but not limited to Coronavirus/COVID-19. I further acknowledge that the preceding list is not inclusive of all possible risks associated with participation and that said list in no way limits the operation of this agreement.

   In consideration of the minor’s participation, I/We agree to indemnify and hold harmless the above parties from and and all causes of action, claims, demands, losses or costs of any nature whatsoever arising out of or in any way related to the above minor’s participation.


   I/We acknowledge that Camp Frontier, Inc. fully owns and has complete discretion over the use of all photograph, video and audio recordings and other creative property created while the child is in attendance. I/We agree that while Appalachian Explorers may choose to return items left behind, upon departure these items become the property of the organization, and cannot be held responsible for the return or value of these items.


Financial Policy

   I/We understand that the total tuition must be paid as scheduled unless an alternative payment schedule has been established in writing. I/We authorize the balance due (if any) to be charged to the provided credit card once due and/or as described on the payment schedule. Should payments not be made as scheduled, any discounts and/or scholarships may be revoked, and the full amount become due. A late fee of 1.5% late fee may be added monthly.  I/We accept the financial responsibility for any and all damage to facilities or personal property for which this Child is found to be responsible.

Cancellation Policy
    All registrations are final and cannot be cancelled unless Camp Frontier, Inc. mutually agrees due to extreme circumstances. Cancellation is at the discretion of Camp Frontier, Inc.. The full tuition is due even if the registered child does not attend or leaves ahead of schedule.

Refund Policy
   Any and all deposits, fees and/or tuition paid is non-refundable should the child not attend, arrive and depart before the end of the session, or be expelled due to dishonest, disrespectful, inappropriate and/or violent behavior. In the event of any of the above no refund will be given.
   Only in the event that a child goes home with a confirmed sickness will the unused tuition dollars will be held on credit for the following summer for use by a member of the immediate family. If the child is not eligible to return, these funds are transferred to the Scholarship Fund to be used by Scholarship recipients.

Medical Treatment
   I/We give complete authorization for a representative of Appalachian Explorers / Camp Frontier, Inc.. to request and receive any medical treatment in the event of need. I/We accept full responsibility for the payment of all medical services provided.

   If, for religious of other reasons, you do not authorize us to provide medical treatment:

   I/We release Camp Frontier, Inc. of any liability or medical claims resulting from my decision to refuse medical treatment for the child.  I/ We understand that in the event of a medical emergency I/We will be contacted by Staff to establish care for the child.  In the event that I/we cannot be reached, the child will be transported to the nearest Hospital/Medical Facility to receive treatment.


   All terms of this agreement apply to Appalachian Explorers, Youth Adventures, Inc. and Camp Frontier, Inc.

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